About Us


We are a company that focuses on overseas expansion support and consulting for foreign human resources. Established in April 2010, we have been strengthening the organization of our local subsidiary in Myanmar and developing human resources since 2013, while continuing to provide services that meet the needs of Japanese corporate customers.

Since its establishment, it has produced results by providing consulting services such as support for Japanese companies expanding into Myanmar, organizational strengthening, and human resource development of Japanese companies in Myanmar, and human resource development of industrial policy bureaucrats. We were also able to contribute to strengthening the organization and diverse human resources of our group’s local corporations. Our specialty is problem-solving ability to utilize diversity, promote the growth of companies and individuals, and lead to profit improvement.

The working environment in which Japanese and foreigners work together is diverse. However, if diversity is a nuisance, it is a waste of talent for a business organization. We will take advantage of the know-how we have been using to take advantage of the diversity of our customers’ work environments and help them become more competitive. It is our role to energize diverse individuals and at the same time strengthen corporate profits.


Taking advantage of diversity to contribute to the profit and growth of individuals and companies.

  • Continue to support the companies that challenge diversity

  • Continue to support the companies that actively use Global Human Capital as a force

  • Providing a learning environment that takes advantage of Diversity


Company Name

SHEIN Planning & Consultant Limited Liability Company




260-0013 Chiba Chuo, Chuo Ward 4-13-2, Katsura Bldg 401


(+81) 043-356-3835


30 Million Yen

Business Type

Consulting & Advisory Business

Global Human Capital Supporting Business

Job Placement Licence


Registration Support Organization Registration Number



Mizuho Bank (Ichikawa Branch)

Chiba Bank (Inage East Gate Branch)

Holding Company

SHEINOVIC Holding Co., Ltd (Myanmar)



Set up SHEIN Planning & Consultant LLC in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture.


Moved Head Office from Ichikawa City to Chiba City.
Joined with SAMADI Services Co., Ltd, in Yangon, Myanmar.
Provided survey and coordination service for the Economic Development Program from 2012 to 2015 collaborated by JICA and Ministry of Industry Myanmar.


Started Human Resource Recruitment Supporting Service in Myanmar with SAMADI Services Co., Ltd.


Provide coordination and interpretation service for Myanmar Industrial Development Vision Program organized by JICA in Japan.


Provide the Study on Technological Capability and Support Need for SMEs survey service in Myanmar as one of the activities of Project for Strengthening Industrial Promotion Functions collaborated by JICA and Ministry of Industry Myanmar.


Become a wholly owned subsidiary of SHEINOVIC Holding Co., Ltd.