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How We Can Help Businesses

Consulting Service

When Japanese companies expand into Myanmar, we provide strategic consulting, including surveys of each business. We provide services suitable for companies, such as local human capital recruitment support, education, and training programs. We also support the expansion of Myanmar companies into Japan and start-ups in Japan.

Global Human Capital Supporting Service

Many corporate that utilize global human capital always face communication mistakes and differences in values. Therefore, in line with our philosophy of “taking diversity as an opportunity,” we will help optimize the working environment in which Japanese and multinational human capital work together.

Mainly, we aim to strengthen profits together with corporate by organizing programs suitable for corporate such as analysis of various problems and presentation of solutions regarding global human capital in the workplace, support for hiring multinational employees, and strengthening of in-house human capital capabilities. We have also developed a learning platform for global human capital to foster multinational human capital.

Language Support Service

We provide Japanese to multilingual or multilingual to Japanese translation, interpretation and dubbing, and narration audio recording services according to customer needs. Experienced translators who are familiar with each field will provide high quality translations with accurate and prompt response.

We provide optimal “sequential interpretation” and “simultaneous interpretation” according to needs and environment, including international conferences, seminars, symposiums, business negotiations, training, and business inspections. We also support online interpretation using a web conferencing system.

What We Offer