Our Team

Board Members


Chief Executive Officer

Languages: Burmese, Japanese, English

Dropped out of Yangon Technological University in 1997 and studied abroad in Japan in 2001. Graduated from the Department of Urban Environment System, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University in 2007. After that, he joined a company in Tokyo and worked for three years. At the same time, he also worked as an interpretation coordinator as a part-time training supervisor at the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE). He became independent in 2010 and established SHEIN Planning & Consultant LLC at the same time as starting a business. Since 2012, he has been focusing on the consulting business to support Japanese companies expanding into Myanmar. In 2018, SHEINOVIC Holding was established as a holding company of 4 local companies in Myanmar and became the representative director.



Languages: Burmese, Japanese, English

After graduating from the Department of Information Science, Yangon Computer University in 2003, studying abroad in Japan in 2007. She completed research on new energy at the Department of Information Science, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University, and completed the master’s degree in Business Administration at the Graduate Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies in 2012. Started to work in 2013 and at the same time, she established MYANWAVE Co., Ltd in Myanmar in 2014 with a focus on human capital development and education. In 2018, she established SHEINOVIC Holding as a holding company of four local companies in Myanmar and became a director of Finance and HR. She was appointed CFO and COO of SHEIN Planning & Consultant LLC in April 2021.



General Affairs Manager

Languages: Burmese, Japanese, English

Graduated from Yangon University of Foreign Languages in 2011 with a degree in Japanese Language. She is the first member of SHEIN Planning & Consultant LLC (Myanmar Office) from 2012 and has been transferred to Chiba Head Office since 2017.

Based on her over 9 years career in customer support and interpreting, translation work, she is focusing on expanding business and support the Clients’ needs in the future.


Business Planning and Development Manager

Languages: Burmese, Japanese, English

Graduated from Yangon University of Foreign Languages in 2016 with a degree in Japanese Language. She joined to SHEIN Planning & Consultant LLC in 2021. Over 5 years of experience in Japanese Company in Myanmar, she is focusing on new business development and the first global eLearning platform service in Myanmar.



Languages: Burmese, English

Graduated from Defence Services Technological Academy (DSTA) in 2000 with a degree in Mechanical. During his prior 12 years career in Ministry of Industry, he was a director of planning department and responsible for formulation of industrial sector development policy and SMEs development in Myanmar. At the time of e-Government initiative in Myanmar, he was the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Ministry of Industry from 2007 to 2018, managed on ICT sector and e-Government Projects.

Since involving the formulation of Myanmar automotive policy, he has devoted cent percent of his time for the automobile manufacturing sector development in Myanmar. He is studying how business opportunities can emerge in transformation of Myanmar and advises on business partners’ projects.


Executive Director (MYANWAVE Co.,Ltd.)

Languages: Burmese, English

Graduated from Myanmar Maritime University in 2012 with a degree in Marine Electrical Systems & Electronics. He is also the founder of Mahawthada Education, a tutoring company established in 2017. With Mahawthada, he has been creating good learning opportunities for Myanmar students while creating job opportunities for youths especially university students.

Following his strong passion in developing human resources, he has consistently served in education and HR development field throughout his eight years of career life. He is now focusing in building up the Myanmar’s First Globally oriented eLearning platform with Myanwave. In future, he is willing to improve Myanmar Human Development Index which is the same goal with Myanwave.


Executive Secretary & HR Manager (SHEINOVIC Holding Co.,Ltd.)

Languages: Burmese, English

During her over 8 years career in Myanmar Human Resources Management Institute (the first business education and management training institute in Myanmar), she has a lot of experiences about managing and interacting with people to support them to meet their needs and uses the instruction of excellent facilitators and teachers in the workplace. She is focusing to support individuals and organizations run better and more systematically.