Our Team



Chief Executive Officer

Dropped out of Yangon Technological University in 1997 and studied abroad in Japan in 2001. Graduated from the Department of Urban Environment System, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University in 2007. After that, he joined a company in Tokyo and worked for three years. At the same time, he also worked as an interpretation coordinator as a part-time training supervisor at the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE). He became independent in 2010 and established SHEIN Planning & Consultant LLC at the same time as starting a business. Since 2012, he has been focusing on the consulting business to support Japanese companies expanding into Myanmar. In 2018, SHEINOVIC Holding was established as a holding company of 4 local companies in Myanmar and became the representative director.


Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operating Officer

After graduating from the Department of Information Science, Yangon Computer University in 2003, studying abroad in Japan in 2007. She completed research on new energy at the Department of Information Science, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University, and completed the master’s degree in Business Administration at the Graduate Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies in 2012. Started to work in 2013 and at the same time, she established MYANWAVE Co., Ltd in Myanmar in 2014 with a focus on human capital development and education. In 2018, she established SHEINOVIC Holding as a holding company of four local companies in Myanmar and became a director of Finance and HR. She was appointed CFO and COO of SHEIN Planning & Consultant LLC in April 2021.


Managing Officer

Meet our esteemed Managing Officer, Head of Global Business Division, Mr. Aung Myin, a distinguished professional with over a decade of experience in the dynamic realms of HR and education. His visionary leadership drives the connection between Japan and Myanmar, fostering employment opportunities for Myanmar resources in Japan, supporting ambitious Myanmar students in their educational pursuits in Japan, and offering exceptional interpretation and translation services to facilitate effective communication across cultures.

Mr. Aung Myin’s forward-thinking approach has also led to the development of an innovative e-learning website, dedicated to enhancing the skills and capabilities of Myanmar’s valuable resources. With his strong commitment to excellence, Mr. Aung Myin plays a pivotal role in making a positive impact on individuals and societies, fostering growth and progress at an international level. His dedication and expertise have positioned our company at the forefront of empowering individuals and forging valuable connections between nations.


DX & Business Development In-charge

Meet Min Khant Lin, a dedicated and versatile team member contributing to our company’s success. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Technology from the University of Information Technology, Min brings a wealth of expertise to our Digital Transformation and Business Development Department. As a skilled generalist, he adeptly manages internal IT solutions and tackles various challenges with a proactive approach. Min’s passion for engineering and technology drives him to connect Myanmar people to the global stage, fostering growth and collaboration. With his adaptable nature and commitment to innovation, Min plays a vital role in driving our company’s progress, making him an indispensable asset to our dynamic team.


Assistant Manager of Operation Department

Ei Ei Soe is a key member of the Global Business Division, serving as the Assistant Manager of the Operation Department. In her role, she plays a vital part in providing comprehensive explanations in Burmese to individuals interested in overseas education and facilitates essential interactions between recruiting companies and job seekers from Myanmar.

Ei Ei Soe’s responsibilities include conducting interviews, selecting candidates, translating documents into Japanese, and ensuring a seamless process for clients seeking educational opportunities and job placements in Japan. Her expertise and dedication significantly contribute to the success of the study abroad support and fee-charging job placement businesses, enabling aspiring students and job seekers to achieve their goals effectively.


Person in Charge of Global Recruiting

Introducing our visionary leader, the Person in Charge of Global Recruiting with an LL. B background. With a passion for empowering individuals, he provided extensive soft skills training to thousands of professionals in Myanmar and abroad. Now, responsible for connecting students to study abroad opportunities, offering career consulting to Myanmar workers, and providing essential workplace training. His unique blend of legal expertise and training prowess fuels his commitment to fostering growth and success in individuals’ professional journeys. Get ready to be inspired and take your career to new heights under his guidance.